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Enabler is a 3D simulation platform for training and evaluating disability and aged care support workers. Delivered via mobile app on Android and iOS devices, users can play through short and punchy simulated scenarios where they support virtual clients like they would a real shift on the go, anywhere, anytime. Think The Sims, for support workers. 

"I liked that you become a character, it makes you feel more involved"

Zoe Atterbury, Disability Support Worker

Enabler Is Built To Be


ENGAGING: Intuitive and easy to use serious games technology which enhances the motivation of participants to engage in complex or boring tasks.

EFFECTIVE: Highly effective at developing skills such as managing complex relationships, decision making in complex situations, communication, rarely used skills and practical skills.

RESULTS: Enabler assesses workers on communication and technical skills, and provides your organisation with comprehensive results to demonstrate workforce competency.

Serious Games 

Game-design principles are embedded into scenarios to reward users for performing well, and to provide instantaneous feedback when they don’t. Users experience the consequences of their actions to maximise impact and learning retention.

Venn diagram - Enabler.png

Enabler is the intersection of mobile entertainment games, digital simulations used for training such as pilot simulators and best practice traditional training content. 

Venn diagram.png

Scenario-Based Learning

Designed for maximum engagement, users must make active choices about what they do and say to complete support tasks correctly and with excellent customer service, often under time pressure and with distractions.

We challenge workers in a safe virtual environment so they are prepared to deal with difficult and unexpected situations on the job. ​

Based on Real People

At Enabler we focus on person-centred training, so we also assess how a worker communicates with their clients, and whether they respect their personal preferences, privacy, beliefs and choices.

Our scenarios are based on real people and their own unique needs and stories to ensure the scenarios are highly relevant to real-life on the job challenges.

Melanie Tran

User Experience Designer

Neflix junky

Support Needs

Manual Assistance

Social Assistance

Melanie_small file_flipped_edited.png

Evelyn Hammond

Retired Nurse

Very Particular About Manners

Support Needs

Assisted Living

(Dementia and Limited Mobility)

Person in purple top using walking frame
Person in green sweater

Ethan Quinn

Primary School Student

 Loves Geology

Support Needs

Social Support


Nazim Erdem OAM

Team Leader

Wheelchair Rugby Gold Medalist

Support Needs

Manual Assistance

(Spinal Cord Injury)

Copy of Naz Render.png

Would you like to know more? We'd love to show you what Enabler can do!

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