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Our vision is a world where people with disability and the elderly have the quality support and care they need to participate in society and lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Our mission is to skill up disability and aged care support workers to deliver meaningful, quality supports using interactive serious games technology.

Our platform combines the principles of game design, mobile app technology and best-practice content to create realistic, cutting edge scenarios on mobile devices. Learn more about how it works. 

Enabler is a community of practitioners, educators and innovators. We are leading the movement for relevant, practical training that makes real impact on workers and people with disability, by collaborating with service users, subject matter experts and industry stakeholders in the creation of our content. 

Meet The Team

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Huy Nguyen

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CEO and Founder, Huy is a qualified engineer and seasoned social entrepreneur. Huy was named ACT Young Australian of the Year 2014 for his extensive work to improve accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities globally. He has more than eight years experience designing, developing and delivering innovative solutions focusing on accessible training and education.

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Jessica Spilling

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Chief Operations Officer, Jessica has a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science. She has 15 years experience in management, sales and customer service across the hospitality, retail and corporate sectors, and more than five years experience in business development and communications.


Prof. Stuart Smith

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Research Advisor, Prof. Stuart Smith is an acknowledged expert in the development and application of interactive digital technologies that can be applied to health, ageing, disability and education.