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Three industry gold standard topics created in collaboration between Enabler, icare (NSW Government) and ACIA.

Enabler, icare and the Australian Community Industry Alliance (ACIA) have developed training for attendant care providers to improve the skills of workers in this area.

Training modules are delivered through Enabler's platform, using a unique method, which combines:

  • 3D simulation technology

  • Scenario-based learning - ‘serious games’

  • An easy to use app that can be can accessed from a mobile phone or tablet

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The three modules available for your workforce are:

  • Working Professionally

  • Behaviours that Challenge Foundations

  • Behaviours that Challenge Intermediate

Learners are faced with real-life challenges. For each challenge an action must be chosen,  where each action takes the learner on a different pathway. Learners receive feedback about their choices along the journey. Feedback is based on best-practice advice from the Attendant Care Industry Standard (ACIS). 

We’re now rolling out access to the training with our Attendant Care Panel and the support workers they employ.

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