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NDIS Disability Support Training Modules

Cutting-edge training for disability support workers using serious games, 3D simulations, and immersive scenarios. Content by qualified experts.
Meets best practice standards of:

Engaging, practical, effective, fast and evidence-based training.
In just 7 minutes per session, an on-the-go frontline worker:

Demonstrates best practices towards risk, safety and compliance standards through scenario-based learning.

Automatically marks off requirements in the NDIS Workforce Capability Framework and units of competency in Certificate IV in Disability and Certificate III in Individual Support.

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Learn from experiencing severe consequences of making mistakes without jeopardising their safety and that of their clients.

Practice their application of knowledge in limitless realistic scenarios based on real situations. Difficult to achieve in face-to-face workshops or e-learning.

Enabler mobile and web browser app effortlessly work with your existing infrastructure.

Gamified Enabler modules increase uptake, allowing effective delivery as a learning, training or assessment tool as required.

On-demand evidence-based reports for managers to

  • Measure and evaluate worker and client satisfaction

  • Meet Safety and Compliance requirements

  • Demonstrate a return on investment case

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Modules available now:

  • Disability Awareness

  • Working Professionally

  • Behaviours That Challenge Foundations

  • Behaviours That Challenge Intermediate

  • PPE Droplet Precautions

  • Manual Handling 101

  • Mental health awareness

Modules coming soon:

  • Disability Specific Violence and Aggression

  • Medication Awareness

  • Competency to Administer Medication (Training)

  • Competency to Administer Medication (Assessment)

  • Autism

  • High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

Demonstrate the best safety and compliance practice through scenario-based learning.

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Map results to the NDIS skills capability framework units of competency in formal courses.

Allow workers to experience the serious consequences of making mistakes that jeopardise their safety and that of their clients.

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Test application of knowledge to realistic, varied and complex situations - providing a learning, training or assessment environment as required.

"Care and support is complex, we need real engagement to make our team feel connected and understand the importance of what we do. Enabler is making this happen."

Lisa Thompson, Prescare Executive Manager


"I liked that it wasn't instructional, when you have instructional videos or training you don't really absorb it you feel more like a robot. Not knowing what to do and being forced to figure it out really helped me think about what I was doing, and realise what was working or wasn't."

Wendy Cheong, University Student

Enabler is backed by the following organisations and foundations:

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