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Our vision is for people with disability to have the quality support that enables them to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Enabler is the next evolution of training, created to address the challenges of rapidly training a skilled disability support workforce. Face to face training workshops, while able to provide quality learning, are expensive and often inaccessible to remote, rural and mobile workers. E-learning offers an affordable alternative, but can't fill the gap to deliver quality training. It doesn't provide the opportunity to practice knowledge and is generally not engaging or portable.

The community is frustrated with the lack of access to skilled, well-trained workers who can deliver the person-centered support they need. Workers are dissatisfied with the quality and depth of training available to them to prepare them for on the job challenges, and the industry is facing low retention of workers due to high levels of stress. When these concerns were voiced, we listened, and built our solution Enabler.

Recognizing that video game technology has been able to fill training gaps in industries such as mining, defense and health, Enabler has brought this highly effective and engaging training format to the disability sector.

What is it?

Enabler training modules are available on mobile devices and web browsers. A truly portable solution, users can play through simulations on smartphones and tablets without an internet connection, making it ideal for remote, casual and rural workers.

A practical solution for a mobile workforce, Enabler training modules are short and punchy for maximum engagement without compromising on quality and depth of content. They can be completed anywhere, anytime, such as during the commute to a shift. This gives workers more time to focus on delivering outstanding support to clients.

Enabler doesn't end with training. Employers can use our integrative workforce management tool to assign training and manage compliance with ease. Our sophisticated data analytics measure technical competency, communication skills, empathy and customer service, to give service providers detailed insight to workforce performance.

How it works

Users learn by using an avatar to interact with virtually intelligent characters in a simulated environment. The user must make choices about how they communicate, the techniques they use for perform tasks, and how they interact with objects in the environment such as equipment and the personal belongings of clients.

Clients/Consumers in Enabler training are based on real people and their own needs and stories to ensure the scenarios are highly relevant to real-life on the job challenges.

We create characters with intellectual, psycho-social, physical and sensory disabilities with diversity of ethnicity, age, needs, interests and personalities, to provide users with a rich experience of recognizing and responding to the individual needs of the people they support.

Kirra Alyawarre


Champion Clay Shooter

Support Needs

Manual Assistance

Toiletry Assistance

(Spinal Cord Injury)

Person in green shirt in wheel chair

Evelyn Hammond

Retired Nurse

Very Particular About Manners

Support Needs

Assisted Living

(Dementia and Limited Mobility)

Person in purple top using walking frame
Person in green sweater

Ethan Quinn

Primary School Student

 Loves Geology

Support Needs

Social Support


Phoebe Yi-An

University Lecturer


Support Needs

Transportation Support

Domestic Support

(Vision  Impairment)

Person In yellow dress with guide dog and cane

Would you like to know more? Try a preview using the link below, we'd love to show you what Enabler can do!

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