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We need your help!

Enabler is a 3D simulation training platform for disability and aged support workers.


The Enabler team is creating a new way for support workers such as yourself to learn skills, using mobile video game technology to make training faster, more convenient and more interesting.


By playing our training module and filling out a survey, you will provide us with the feedback we need to improve our platform and make training the best it can be for future users like you. Helping us test this will take only 20 mins, and as a Foundation Tester, you’ll be helping drive positive change for carers, support workers and people who need support and care.

To help Enabler, please play the entire Manual Handling 101 module before you fill out our feedback survey. You can choose to also play through Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2 which has more information on using Enabler, but these are optional.



Step 1: Download the Enabler App to your mobile device either on your Android or iPhone

Android devices: Search the Google Play Store for 'Enabler' or follow this link on your mobile device.

iOS devices: Search the App Store for 'Enabler ' or follow this  link on your mobile device.

Step 2: Log in to the app using the following details: 
Username: pilot@enablerinteractive.com
Password: pilotenabler2019

Step 3: Play the entire Manual Handling 101 module

Step 4: Complete the online feedback survey of your experiences using Enabler. To
access the survey click on this link: Feedback Survey